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12 - 25 kg
provides freedom of movement and safety
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Junior Diapers
The Junior size is designed for little explorers who are taking their first steps. It’s best for babies from 12 to 25 kg.

The size of the diaper combined with the best absorbency allow for endless fun, and coming back from a walk or waking up are no longer associated with wet clothes. The innovative 360° comfort system provides comfort to your baby, doesn’t restrain its movements and guarantees the best absorbency.

When designing the 360° comfort system, we emphasized comfort and safety of your little one. Using the Quick Dry nonwoven fabric allows for quicker distribution of moistness to provide Your Offspring with the feeling of dryness. The nappy elastic system - Flexi Fit, i.e. a wide waistline welt with elastic Velcro fasteners give Your Little One the maximum freedom of movement.   The anatomic absorptive filler, on the other hand, is responsible for the nappy’s ideal crotch fitting.

In order to ensure that fresh air can access the baby’s skin, we have used the Air Flow technology in all of our nappies which minimizes the risk of irritation and chafing.

number of pieces in the pack


Diaper feature

Air Flow Technology
breathable diapers provide fresh air to the baby's skin, preventing from chafing and minimising the risk of irritation
Quick Dry
special non-woven fabric to increase moisture distribution adds to the feel of dryness
Anatomical Core
anatomic absorbent pad for ideal diaper match to the crotch
Flexi Fit
broad waistband and elastic velcro tape form a flexible system to ensure exceptional freedom of movement

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