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3 - 6 kg
a set of unique features for the little ones
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Mini Diapers
Diapers for babies from 3 to 6 kg.

At this stage of development your baby is not yet very active, so the most important thing is to ensure a feeling of dryness and a good night’s sleep.

The extra absorbent layer is covered with soft mesh-like Premium Dry fabric that enables absorption of not only urine but also loose stools. Loose acidic stools, characteristic of the youngest babies, can irritate the skin, so it’s very important to isolate them from the baby’s bottom as soon as possible.

Super soft external diaper layer - Extra Soft Cover gives the feeling of comfort and softness. If you are not sure whether it is time to change the nappy, the moistness indicator which changes colour when a nappy is full is another system for your convenience.

In order to ensure that fresh air can access the baby’s skin, we have used the Air Flow technology in all of our nappies which minimizes the risk of irritation and chafing.

number of pieces in the pack


Diaper feature

Air Flow Technology
breathable diapers provide fresh air to the baby's skin, preventing from chafing and minimising the risk of irritation
Wetness Indicator
special moisture indicator changes its colour to indicate to parents when diaper change is required
Premium Dry
specially embossed non-woven fabric speeds up absorption and increases the feeling of dryness
Extra Soft Cover
super soft outer layer of the diapers guarantees exceptional comfort and smoothness

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