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Week 1

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It may seem a bit weird but the first week of your pregnancy is your last period too. It is worthy remembering its date because you are going to be asked about it many times. This will be crucial to calculate your due date. Although there is no baby yet because there was no impregnation, prepare your body for it. First of all, don’t drink alcohol and quit smoking. Remember about proper diet high in protein and folic acid, which will prevent possible neural system diseases. Please bear in mind that the calendar is only approximate. Yu need to remember that each pregnancy is different and that each baby develops differently. After all, your baby is one of the kind.

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Week 2

And so it begins …The impregnation takes place at the end of the second week.

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Week 3

Although you don’t even suspect it yet, your baby is already developing!

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Week 4

You’re probably starting to suspect that you are pregnant because your body gives you some signals.

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