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Happy Baby

Pregnancy and child birth make the most exciting period in the life of a parent. Joy as well as numerous questions, doubts, and duties are related to these events. Our trouble-solving application was created to support parents. It is a kind of a mobile diary that provides parents with advices and practical tools from the very first day of pregnancy up to the second year of the life of a child. On selection of 'baby' or 'pregnancy' modes you will be familiarised with wide range of options.

Select mode




On selecting 'pregnancy' mode, plenty of useful tools become available. These are weekly tips related to pregnancy advancement, approximate due date countdown, or messages related to doctor's appointment.


Pregnancy major dates and milestones are presented on the timeline.

Shopping list

A list of necessary items to be created.


It will keep you informed about development of the baby in separate weeks and enable watching 3d models in various phases of the development.


It , meaningfully, pictures the size of the baby in consecutive weeks in comparison to the size of popular fruit and vegetables.


It allows to control your weight and track it in the course of the entire pregnancy.

Doctor's appointments

It reminds you of approaching
doctor's or midwife's appointments
and enables remembering important questions to be asked during the visit.

Benefits of application


Unrestricted access to changes, e.g. related to your weight or size of the baby, allow to observe your health conditions and pregnancy status.


You will never forget major dates, doctor's appointments, or shopping details.


Each day you receive a bunch of advice and information related to pregnancy.


On selecting 'baby' mode you are provided with plenty of tools to monitor development of your baby, e.g. frequency of feeding, relieving, or sleep duration. You also receive a bunch of practical advice and guidelines every day.


It shows the baby's separate developmental phases on the timeline.


It provides you with a bunch of useful information and advice related to the baby's development in subsequent weeks.


It enables you to fully control the selection of the breast you feed your baby with and breastfeeding duration.


It helps - more accurate - measure frequency, sleep duration, and its reduction in the subsequent phases of the baby's development.


It enables to better assess frequency of physiological needs of the baby.

Doctor's appointments

It helps planning and reminding of
important vaccinations as well as paediatrician or midwife visits.

Benefits of application


It won't substitute your doctor, but you will be given plenty of practical guidelines related to your baby.


Monitoring tool enables to control effectively the baby's basic vital functions.


Planning your doctor's visit, vaccinations, or shopping lists helps you with effective time management and remembering major events.

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