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Happy Baby

Convenient application for modern parents - all relevant information on pregnancy and child development in one place. The application consists of two modes: "Pregnancy" and "Child."

Happy application


Before your baby is born, you can monitor your baby's pregnancy week after week - check how your baby develops, record weight gain or set a reminder for a doctor's appointment.

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After the baby is born, you can easily control the rhythm of the day and the health of your child. The application allows you to record the frequency of feedings and sleep duration. It also allows you to add notes and doctor's visits, which greatly facilitate the organization of your day.

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Happy application

Before-birth application

support at every stage of pregnancy

Find out how your child is developing

Count down the days until childbirth

Happy Baby is a quick access to information on the week of your pregnancy and how many days until childbirth are left. You can find similar information in the version for the dad. In addition, you will find out what usually happens to a woman's body at this time.

After-birth application

living with the baby under control

Which breast did you breastfeed with last time?

Note which breast you use to feed the baby and for how long. There is a number of other issues you should remember about after the childbirth. You do not have to remember about this one anymore.

Find out how your child is developing

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Dispose wisely!

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