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Week 39

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These may be last days when you can read a book or just have a good sleep. Use this time just for yourself. You can go to a beauty salon, hairdresser, or a massage. Remeber that if your doctor didn’t say otherwise, you don’t have to opt out of having sex. Oxytocine released during sex naturally accelerates labour and alleviates the pain. So take an advantage of this as long as you and your partner are willing to and have time for this. Later it may be hard.

Your baby in this week:
The baby is ready to go out. Majority of babies has been in the right, head-down, position for a long time now, however, it happens that babies turn over in the last moment. If your baby is still in the upside-down position, the doctor can decide to do a Cesarean section.

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Week 40

The obvious sign that the labour begins is when your water breaks. If your pains become stronger and stronger and they come regularly every 10 minutes, then go to the hospital.

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