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Baby's weight

9-20 kg

Quantity in the package

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Because you are so curious

An infant grows bigger. Your child starts rotating, crawling, and eventually gets up and tries to walk without your assistance. By doing so, he or she uses all the energy to discover the surrounding world. During this period, the diaper should not only ensure dryness (which is its main function), but also maximum freedom of movement. That's why we developed the 360 Comfort System. The system of flexible elements in the diaper, together with the anatomical absorbent insert make the diaper comfortable, without exerting excessive pressure and hindering the child's movements. A special distributing non-woven fabric ensures quick absorption along the entire length of the diaper, extremely quickly isolating the moisture from the baby's skin.
Air Flow Technology

Air Flow Technology

Air Flow technology provides fresh air to the baby's skin, thus preventing diaper rashes and minimizing the risk of irritations.
Quick Dry

Quick Dry

Non-woven fabric maximally accelerates the distribution of moisture along the entire diaper, providing the feeling of exceptional dryness and protection against leaks.
Anatomical Core

Anatomical Core

Anatomic absorbent insert provides a perfect fit of the diaper in the groin area.
Flexi Fit

Flexi Fit

Flexible system, i.e. broad waistband with wide elastic velcro fasteners for exceptional freedom of movement.
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Happy Safe Way

  • 0% perfume - no fragrances are applied to Happy diapers
  • 0% chlorine - Happy diapers do not contain raw materials bleached with harmful elemental chlorine
  • 0% latex - Happy diapers do not contain latex elements that may cause irritation in people sensitive to this raw material.

Safety guaranteed

High quality and safety of Happy diapers has been confirmed in dermatological tests . These products also received positive Opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child and the National Institute of Hygiene.

Diaper ingredients: polypropylene, polyester, cellulose, superabsorbent, elastomer yarn, adhesives

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Your personal assistant

before and after birth

The Happy Baby application is a personal diary of pregnancy and the first months after birth necessary for every parent. We know that pregnancy, childbirth, caring for the development of a newborn and infant is not only a beautiful, but also a very demanding moment for both mother and father.

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Your personal assistant in pregnancy Your personal assistant after birth

Dispose wisely!

Soon, the following labelling will appear on the packaging of many hygiene products, such as sanitary pads, pantyliners, tampons or wet wipes:

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